Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy XII (SSEMP XII)- *PROGRAM*


University of St. Andrews, 9-10 May 2024. Senate Room, St. Mary’s, South Street


We are pleased to announce the full program, available to download HERE




11.00-11.15. Welcome

11.15-12.00. Helena Taylor (Exeter), Natural philosophy in the Early Modern French Salon: At the Crossroads of Science and Literature

12.00-12.45. Emily Kent (Edinburgh), Practice Makes Pedagogy: Maignan’s Cursus philosophicus (1653) and the Institutionalization of Experimental Philosophy

Chair: Mogens Lærke (CNRS, Oxford/Lyon)

12.45-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.00. Key Note. Susan James (Birkbeck), Spinoza and Fake News

Chair: Alexander Douglas (St. Andrews)


15.15-16.00 Louis Rouquayrol (CNRS, Lyon), Descartes and Mersenne versus Comenius on Common Notions

16.00-16.45 José María Sánchez de León Serrano (Barcelona), Exploring Panentheism: Geulincx’s Approach to Difference and Temporality

Chair: Veronica Calado ((Paraná)


17.00-17.45. Geertje Bol (Ghent), Mary Astell on Ambition, Rank, and Talent

Chair: Mara van der Lugt (St. Andrews)


10 MAY

9.00-9.15 Welcome

9.15-10. 00 Tim Stuart-Buttle (York), Gratitude in the History of Modern Political Thought: The Case of Hobbes 

10.00-10.45 Marie Wuth (Hamburg), A Tale of Two States Spinoza on the Civil and the Natural

Chair : Antonio Salgado Borge (Nottingham)


11.00-12.00 Key Note: Michael Gill (Edinburgh), Responses to the Denial of Virtue in Butler and his Contemporaries

Chair: James Harris (St. Andrews)

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.15-14.00 Maaike Korpershoek (Groningen) and Aaron Wells (Paderborn), From the Theory of Fire to Dynamical Balancing: Boerhaave, Du Châtelet, and Kant.

14.00-14..45 Daniel Klugman (Princeton), Cracked Foundations: Pascal’s Critique of Descartes’ Theory of Knowledge.

Chair: Niall Dilucia (CNRS, Oxford)


15.00-15.45. Dario Perinetti (UQAM), Desire and Satisfaction: Understanding Hume’s Sceptical Problems and Solutions

Chair : Flavio Augusto de Oliveira Santos (Paraná)



Organisation: James Harris (St. Andrews); Alexander Douglas (St. Andrews); Mara van der Lugt (St. Andrews), Mogens Lærke (CNRS)

Funding:  University of St. Andrews; Scots Philosophical Association (SPA); Maison Française d’Oxford (CNRS, MFO); NOTCOM (ERC Advanced Grant 101052433, 2023-2027).



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